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"I've been meaning to email to tell you how much the training helped me. I used NVivo extensively in my analysis and don't think I would have finished in time if I hadn't."
--- Market researcher
Reasons to access telephone assistance

Telephone consultation is helpful for many researchers at different stages of using the NVivo software.

  1. For some researchers, telephone consultation helps prepare them for a seminar, and ensures that the technical issues of preparing and importing files are handled prior to the seminar.
  2. Participants in the seminars are also often relieved to learn that after a seminar they can talk with a seasoned researcher as the project progresses. These conversations can help anticipate upcoming activities, trouble-shoot, and explore advanced features in the software.
  3. Finally, many researchers prefer this self-paced approach to the seminar format altogether, and choose to use telephone assistance exclusively while they proceed through the analysis.
Flexibility of telephone assistance

Anticipating the precise research stages at which telephone assistance may be needed is nearly impossible, so this assistance can be accessed when you deem it to be appropriate. We can accommodate unusual times (before or after the work day, or on weekends and holidays), we accept payment via check or credit card, and we invoice at the end of the month of services so there’s no need to pre-pay.

Because of our extensive experience with this type of research, we are also aware of the benefits of being accommodating! Therefore, if a consultation session is shortened because the content reaches a comfortable concluding point, you will not be charged for the entire session. We will pro-rate the time in accordance with your needs. Finally, if you notify us 24 hours prior to your session, we will gladly cancel or reschedule at no additional cost.

Our goal is to follow your pace and to adapt around the often unpredictable series of events in a research project that can change the timeline and the priorities in the analysis. We take the need to adapt as a "given" in qualitative research projects.

Please contact us directly for additional information or to discuss the options.

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