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"I've been meaning to email to tell you how much the training helped me. I used NVivo extensively in my analysis and don't think I would have finished in time if I hadn't."
--- Market researcher

NVivo promotes creative analysis via advanced search capabilities, modeling, and tracking of salient linkages within the data. An NVivo project should also contain your memos, ideas, theories, and relevant literature. You may even incorporate your non-text data like audio, video, and photographs into an NVivo project.

NVivo software coaching/training

QUERI offers unique NVivo coaching/training seminars. You work in a small group setting where there will be plenty of personal attention and discussion. This is a very different approach than a typical computer training. Bring in your own data and we'll use it during the session. You'll walk out with a truly customized analysis plan and a much clearer idea of how to enhance the rigor of your particular study with NVivo.

Later on, you may also want to attend an even smaller group of advanced NVivo users for an intensive day of specific project work.

As an alternative, you may also bring our lead researcher, Kristi Jackson, to your location for a customized session. This can be more cost effective than sending a group of researchers to one of our regularly scheduled NVivo coaching sessions. We can shape this training around your data and your project needs at no additional cost, or we can use the sample data that accompanies NVivo. Contact us for more information regarding these on-site options.

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