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"Your timely, thoughtful contributions were right on target in demonstrating NVivo's value to the analytic process and product. No doubt this helped make our proposal a winning one. It was also easy and enjoyable to work with you in the 'back and forth' of the proposal writing process."
--- Senior researcher at a leading national consulting firm
Crafting a proposal

Many funding entities know the benefits of qualitative research. This approach is instrumental in the pursuit of some of today's most relevant research questions. Funders are also increasingly aware of the benefits of NVivo, a preferred software package for storing, managing, and reporting on qualitative data.

So, why do quantitative studies dominate the landscape? Isn't it partly because grant proposals fail to communicate the relevance and importance of qualitative research? This problem is amplified when proposals include obtuse and inaccurate discussions of the role of qualitative data analysis software.

Insure that your approach will stand out among competing proposals. Clearly and accurately describe the role of the software. This can make the difference between a funded qualitative study and a rejection letter.

Collaborative grant writing

With your knowledge of the research questions and our knowledge of qualitative data analysis software, we will collaboratively develop a strong proposal.

We'll seamlessly link the abilities of NVivo with the research questions, methods of analysis, and deliverables. The result will be a fluid, engaging, and articulate proposal that will be understood by a reviewer who has no knowledge of the software.

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